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BMW - Wikipedia

The BMW Car Club of Canberra (Formerly BMW Car Club ACT) was formed in 1985 and is one of the 9 Official BMW Car Clubs in Australia.

Part of a worldwide community of more than 200,000 members!

We are a not-for-profit club, fully insured and supported by BMW Clubs and Community Management and BMW AG.

The Club is made up of BMW (car and bike) enthusiasts brought together by one of the world's greatest motoring companies.

Our events take place in the ACT and surrounding areas including the South Coast and Southern Tablelands.

We also have events across the Eastern Seaboard with other Official BMW Clubs.

We actively support local businesses, community organisations and support local charities such as Marymead. 



The Capital Roundel magazine is the lifeblood of our Club. The magazine is sent via PDF to all members on a quarterly basis and is one of the benefits of membership.  

Content varies from issue to issue, but the publication mostly contains information on new releases, initiatives from BMW, reviews of cars, products, historical and topical articles.

About us

BMW Car Club Canberra is made up of BMW enthusiasts brought together by one of the world’s greatest motoring companies. It is an official car club, fully insured and supported by BMW AG. Most of our drives take place in Canberra and the surrounding areas including the NSW South Coast and Southern Tablelands. We’ve been active since 1985.

Become a member

Joining the BMW Club not only unlocks countless opportunities for you to get to know your car, but also for you to engage with other BMW enthusiasts, get some track action with your BMW and most of all have fun. You’ll also get access to the wealth of BMW knowledge held by other members, and discounts on BMW driver training, BMW parts & servicing.

Contact us

We’re active on socials and there are a number of ways you can contact us, check out our Contact page for all the details.

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